271 clubs listed below. Mission statements and events on the bottom. From the BC website on the student club and organization directory.
All are welcome to send us their mission statement to post.
CLAS is generally day students, SGS is generally night students, GSO are graduate students. If unsure it is stamped on your ID. CLAS, SGS, GSO, ACA and REF are organizations that fund student clubs.
For information: 302 Student Center,

ABADA-Capoeira, Brooklyn College (New)

Academic Club Association (REF)

Adventist Christian Fellowship (CLAS)

Advocates for Early Childhood Education (GSO) (AECE) (New)

African Affairs Student Organization (CLAS) (New)

Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority (GLO)

Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity (GLO)

Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity (GLO)

Alpha Sigma Sorority (GLO)

Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity (GLO)

American Medical Students Association (A.M.S.A.) (CLAS) (SGS) (GSO)

American Red Cross Club of Brooklyn College (CLAS)

Americans for Informed Democracy (CLAS)

Amicus (New)

Art Group (ACA)

Arts Coalition (CLAS)

Asian Student Union (CLAS)

Association for Women in Science (ACA)

Association of Progress and Achievement (New)

Astronomy Society of Brooklyn College (ACA)

BC Knit Club (GSO)

BC Physics Club (CLAS) (New)

BC Physics Club (New)

BC Poker Club (CLAS)


Belly Dancing Club (CLAS)

Biology Society of Brooklyn College (ACA)

Black and Ethnic Health Club (CLAS) (SGS) (GSO)

Black Family Organization (CLAS)

Black Graduate Professional Students Organization (B.G.P.S.O.) (GSO) (CLAS)

Black History Month Committee (CLAS)

Black Solidarity Day Committee (CLAS)

Black Student Union (B.S.U.) (CLAS)

Blue and White Society (CLAS)

Broeklundian (REF)

Brooklyn College Accounting Society (CLAS) (ACA)

Brooklyn College Anime and Manga Corps (CLAS)

Brooklyn College Anthropology Club (ACA)

Brooklyn College Anti-War Coalition (B.C.A.W.) (CLAS)

Brooklyn College BA/MD Academic Club (CLAS) (ACA)

Brooklyn College Ballroom Dance Society (New)

Brooklyn College Chapter of National Broadcasting Society/AERho (ACA)

Brooklyn College Cheerleading Squad (CLAS) (GSO)

Brooklyn College Chess Club (CLAS) (ACA)


Brooklyn College Collegiate Chapter of Music Educators National Conference (CLAS) (GSO) (ACA)

Brooklyn College Cricket Club (CLAS)

Brooklyn College Debate Society (New)

Brooklyn College Direct Action (CLAS)

Brooklyn College Economic Graduate Student Association (GSO)

Brooklyn College EMS (REF)

Brooklyn College Entertainment Committee (REF)

Brooklyn College Ethics Society (CLAS)

Brooklyn College Ethnic Exchange Union (New)

Brooklyn College Excelsior (REF)

Brooklyn College Forensics Speech and Debate (New)

Brooklyn College Graduate Students Guidance and Counseling Organization (GSO)

Brooklyn College Handball Club (New)

Brooklyn College Hellenic Society (ACA)

Brooklyn College Historical Society (ACA)

Brooklyn College HuMed Pre-Health Professions Club (CLAS)

Brooklyn College Inspired Dance Crew (CLAS)

Brooklyn College Intercollegiate Studies Institute Group (CLAS) (SGS) (ACA)

Brooklyn College Lions Club

Brooklyn College Mentoring Alliance (CLAS) (GSO) (SGS)

Brooklyn College Model United Nations Association (New)

Brooklyn College Model United Nations Association (CLAS) (New)

Brooklyn College Model United Nations Association (New)

Brooklyn College Panamanian Students Organization (CLAS) (SGS) (GSO)

Brooklyn College Percussion Club (CLAS) (New)

Brooklyn College Philosophical Debate Society (CLAS)

Brooklyn College Philosophy Society (ACA) (CLAS)

Brooklyn College Racquetball Club (CLAS) (New)

Brooklyn College Radio (REF)

Brooklyn College Soccer Club (CLAS)

Brooklyn College Sociology and Social Work Club (CLAS)

Brooklyn College Speech and Hearing Graduate Student Association (GSO)

Brooklyn College Student Film Society (REF)

Brooklyn College Student Forensics – Speech and Debate Team (REF) (CLAS) (ACA)

Brooklyn College Tae Kwon Do (CLAS) (New)

Brooklyn College Tennis League (CLAS)

Brooklyn College Volleyball Club (CLAS)

Brooklyn Composers Collective (GSO) (CLAS)

Business Leadership Society (ACA) (SGS) (GSO) (CLAS)

Campus Advance (CLAS)

Caribbean Students Union (C.S.U.) (CLAS)

Chabad Youth (New)

Chemistry Society (ACA)

Chi Iota Omega Sorority (GLO)

Children First Club (CLAS)

Chinese Christian Fellowship (CLAS)

Chinese Language and Culture Club (ACA)

Circle K (CLAS)

CLAS Student Government – Assembly (REF)

CLAS Student Government – Executive (REF)

CLAS Student Government – Joint (REF)

Classical Studies Society (ACA)

Clinical Psychology Club (CLAS)

Collaborative Media Group (GSO)

Committee for Youth and Community Empowerment (CLAS) (New)

Computer Science Society (CLAS) (ACA)

Delta Sigma Theta (New)

Desi Club (New)

Desi Culture Club (CLAS)

Diabetes Prevention and Awareness Coalition (DPAC) (CLAS)

Dominican Student Movement (M.E.D.O.) (CLAS)

Election Commission (CLAS) (New)

Electro-Acoustic Ensemble (GSO)

English Graduate Students Organization (GSO)

Equestrian Club (New)

Financial and Actuarial Society (CLAS) (SGS)

Flatbush Brooklyn Group (CLAS) (GSO)

Forensic Accounting Society (CLAS) (New)

Forensic Accounting Society (New)

Francophone Club (CLAS) (GSO)

Future actuary (New)

Geology Society (ACA)

Global Medical Brigades(CLAS) (New)

Golden Key International Honour Society (New)

Graduate Accounting Audit Professionals (GSO)

Graduate Art Student Union (GSO)

Graduate Association of Performing and Arts Management (G.A.P.A.M.) (GSO)

Graduate Association of School Psychologists (G.A.S.P.) (GSO)

Graduate English Committee (GSO)

Graduate Journal of Brooklyn College (GSO)

Graduate Organization of Directors of Theatre (G.O.D.O.T.) (GSO)

Graduate Organization of Dramaturgs (GSO)

Graduate Political Science Club (GSO)

Graduate Public Health and Nutrition Club (GSO)

Graduate Speech and Hearing Society (GSO) (New)

Graduate Theatre Organization (GSO)

Graduate TV/Radio Student Association (GSO)


Haitian American Student Association (H.A.S.A.) (CLAS)

Hakol Beseder (CLAS)

Hatikvah (REF)

Health and Nutrition Science Club (CLAS) (ACA)

Health Awareness (New)

Health Awareness Club (CLAS) (New)

Health Awareness Club (New)

Hillel Club (CLAS)

Hispanic Society (ACA)

Honors Academy Literary Review (CLAS)

Income Tax Accounting Academy (GSO)

Indo-West Indian Student Movement (CLAS)

Inter-Greek Council (GLO)

International Socialist Club (CLAS)

International Students’ Organization (CLAS) (New)

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (CLAS)

Investment Club (GSO) (SGS)

Irish American Students Association (I.A.S.A.) (CLAS)

Islamic Society (CLAS)

Israeli Independence Day Committee (CLAS)

Italian American Student Union (CLAS)

Italian Culture Club (ACA)

Jewish Alliance for Women in Science (CLAS)

Jewish National Fund on Campus (CLAS)

Kappa Phi Chi Sorority (GLO)

Kappa Sigma Fraternity (GLO)

Kingsman (REF)

Korean Culture Club (New)

Latin Fever Dance Club (CLAS) (New)

Latin Women Group (CLAS)

Law Society (CLAS) (SGS)

Lay Advocate Program (REF)

Legal Professional Society (CLAS) (SGS) (GSO)

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Alliance (L.G.B.T.A.) (CLAS)

Local Medical Brigades (New)

MAPS Brooklyn College Chapter (CLAS) (GSO) (New)

MAS on Campus (CLAS)(New)

Mathematics Club of Brooklyn College (ACA)

Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS) (New)

Momentum Dance Union (CLAS) (New)

Multicultural Martial Arts Association (CLAS)

Muslim Women Educational Initiative (MWEI) (CLAS) (ACA)


National Association of Black Accountants (N.A.B.A.) (ACA)

National Association of Hispanic Journalists (ACA) (CLAS)

National Black Science Students Organization (N.B.S.S.O.) (ACA) (GSO) (SGS)

New York Public Interest Research Group (N.Y.P.I.R.G.) (REF)

New York State Israel Public Affairs Committee (N.Y.S.I.P.A.C.) (CLAS)

Newman Catholic Club (CLAS)

Nightcall (REF)

occupational therapy club (New)

Omega Phi Beta Sorority (GLO)

On Campus (REF)

Operation Smile Student Association (CLAS)

Paintball and Outdoors Club (New)

Pan-African Student Alliance (P.A.S.A.) (CLAS)

Parents and Friends of the Early Childhood Center (CLAS)


Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity (GLO)

Phi Sigma Chi (GLO)

Phi Theta Chi Sorority (GLO)

Photography Club (New)

Physical Education and Exercise Science Club (P.E.X.S.) (CLAS)

Poetry Club (CLAS)

Political Science Club (ACA) (CLAS) (SGS)

Political Science League (New)

Pre-Dental Society (SGS)

Pre-Graduate School Club (CLAS) (GSO)

Pre-Pharmacy (New)

Pre-Pharmacy (New)

Pre-Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy Society (SGS)

Precision Dance Club (CLAS)

Progression With Service (CLAS) (New)

Progressive Hatikvah Downtown (P.H.D.) (NON-STD ACTIVITY FEES)

Psychology Club (ACA)

Puerto Rican Alliance (CLAS)

Putnam Club (New)

Ramadan Committee (CLAS)


Revolutionary Alliance of Womyn (R.A.W.) (CLAS)

Riverrun (REF)

Russian Jewish Club (CLAS)

Science Fiction and Fantasy Club (ACA)

Seeds of Hope (CLAS) (SGS)



Shobuj Bangla (CLAS)

Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity (GLO)

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority (GLO)

Sigma Lambda Beta (GLO)

Slow Food Chapter of BC (CLAS) (New)

Speech and Hearing Society (ACA)

Student Association of Special Educators (S.A.S.E.) (GSO)

Student In Free Enterprise (CLAS)

Student Organization For Every Disability United For Progress (S.O.F.E.D.U.P.) (REF)

Student Union for Bilingual Education (S.U.B.E.) (ACA)

Students for Academic Freedom (CLAS)

Students for Global Justice (CLAS)

Students for Health Clinic Support (CLAS) (ACA)

Students United For Israel (CLAS) (New)



Table Tennis League (CLAS)

Teacher Opportunity Corps Graduate Club Organization (GSO)

Thanksgiving Feed The Homeless Committee (CLAS)

The (New)

The Arts Society (New)

The Brooklyn College National Association of Black Journalists (CLAS) (New)

The Buddhist Club (CLAS) (New)

The Comedy Club (CLAS)


The Fleur de lis Society (CLAS) (New)

The Neuron Club(TNC)(CLAS) (New)

The Orthodox Club (CLAS) (SGS)

The Palestinian Club of Brooklyn College (CLAS) (New)

The Real Thing (T.R.T.)

The Review – Impressions on Health, Science and Society (CLAS) (ACA)

The Sphinx Club (New)

The Ultimate Frisbee Club (CLAS) (New)

Turkish American Student Association (CLAS) (New)

Undergraduate Theater Organization (ACA)

Understanding and Appreciating our Differences (CLAS) (New)

Unite for Sight Brooklyn College Chapter (CLAS)

United Students League (U.S.L.) (Non-Student Activity Fees)

Universitas Scientiae (CLAS)

V Day Committee (CLAS)

Veteran Students Organization (CLAS) (SGS) (GSO)

Veterans Day Program Committee (CLAS)

Vice Versa Step Team (CLAS) (GSO) (SGS)

Video Game Guild (New)

West African Student Association (W.A.S.A.) (CLAS)

Women for Women (New)

Women History Month Committee (CLAS)

Women In Science And Engineering (W.I.S.E) (CLAS) (New)

World AIDS Day Committee (CLAS)

Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity (GLO)

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority (GLO)

Zionist Freedom Alliance (CLAS)

Hillel: Totally renovated and upgraded the facility:
Brand new big screen TV, New computers with FREE WiFi, Kosher restaurant with a new menu and great prices, Ping pong table. Whether you need a quiet study space, a snack, or a shoulder to lean on it’s Hillel that makes it happen. We work for YOU and you make Hillel such a great place to be. If you are a new face we’d love to meet you. If you are a familiar face, welcome back. We look forward to seeing you all at our open house on Thursday September 8th from 12-2pm.
Hillel building is open from 10-7. We are often open after hours and staff is always available. Visit, Hillel is on facebook! 718-859-1151

The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) (718) 951-5503,
Mission: To create and maintain a graduate student community. To further the quality of education of graduate students. To organize and hold colloquial, seminars, and other functions on subjects of professional and/or academic interests to its members To gather opinions from its membership on issues and interests of its student body and to make known these opinions. To speak publicly in the name of the graduate student body on issues affecting their careers as graduate students and/or of interest to them as citizens after due process and public debate.
GSO Office Hours: Monday to Thursday: 2-9pm Friday: 1-5pm. Services offered in the office:
limited free printing, limited free copies, Internet use, T.V and Lounge area, Study area, light refreshments/snacks.
Fall Events: Tea with the Dean- students were given a chance to interact with Brooklyn Colleges newly appointed Deans, complimented by Kenneth Forsh ( head of international students) Jazz band, mid-semester relief comedy show, Holiday Party at Grad Center.
Events for Spring 2012 (Dates are TBA): January- Graduate Student Orientation
February- Yale Black Solidarity Conference/ Caucus
March- seminar in conjunction with ERIS: minority recruitment to graduate school
March- How to maximize your finances and pay off student loans workshop
March- Meet the executive board of GSO (students have the opportunity to address concerns/issues with their student representatives.
April- New York Knicks vs New Jersey Nets (graduate students already pre-selected)
April- Graduate students study abroad to Spain Madrid
May- Graduation celebration/dinner and social media/networking mixer for graduate students


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