BEST RATED PROFESSORS is only a few years old, and some teachers are not listed. Any student can put a teacher on the list. Some may have many students rating them and others only a few. I compared the ratings to the BC teacher evaluations of a few years ago. Listed are only those that had enough of a sample and listed one or more for each department.
Here is the new shortcut way to access it
Click here
At the bottom of this page are instructions to access the student evaluations of the most faculty evaluations.


Accounting: Squire, Lachman, Mason, Rosen, Foy, Pfeiffer, Shkreli, Maximon, Miri

Anthropology: Sharman, Gustav, Kilroy-Marac, Kuymulu

Art History: Levine

Biology: Basil, Crook, Eckhardt.

Business: King,Borgese

Chemistry: Shapiro, Labianca, Cohen, Silbering

Classics: Benjamin

Computer Science: Goetz, Tenenbaum

Economics: Queneau

Education: Andersom

English: Acosta, Ames, Bayoumi, Bradshaw

Ethnic Studies: Agocha

Film: Brooks, Danto

Fine Arts: Comerford, Ball, HAggerty

Geology: Garb

Health Sciences:Haar

History: Burrows, Napoli, Parry

Journalism: Moses

Languages: Bardavio-Estevan

Mathematics: Hochberg, Schneider, Cohen

Music: Cohen

Philosophy: Moore, Vasilou, Caruso

Photography: Comerford, Schwab

Physical Education: Hipscher soon retirng, Stern

Physics: Bond

Political Science: Bosket, Johnson, Alonso, Wilson, Moody, Estey

Psychology: Ribaudo,Brown,Miles,Rabin,Kozbelt,Romer,Keigher

Puerto Rican@Latin Studies: Aia

Social Science: Bush

Social Work: Daniel

Sociology: Haskaj, Toulouse

Speech Communication: Emmer, Rubinstein

TV@Radio: Patkanian, Jannone, Lewis, Rodman

Women’s Studies: Springs

To access the student evaluations of the faculty:

Log into your BC WebCentral portal account

Hover your mouse over the Academics tab

In the drop down menu, click on “BC Feedback Reports”

Then the BC Feedback Reports page will be displayed

Click on the Access BC Feedback Reports button

New tab/window will appear whose page title is “Student Evaluations of the Faculty”

Make your selections in this page and then click Submit button


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