BC students and alumni at the Cyclones

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Mets minor league baseball team is the Brooklyn Cyclones located in MCU Park Coney Island. It was and still may be the top minor league team in the country averaging 15,000. The Cyclones is also the name of the roller coaster. The mascot is Sandy after the hall of fame pitcher Sandy Koufax who went to Lafayette High School with the Mets owner Fred Wilpon and Larry King. I tried talking to the mascot but he got a big head and the cat must have had his tongue. Last Thursday there was no free concert in Coney Island for the first time in many years due to accommodating some acts for another night and changing the schedule. Many concert goers came to see the Cyclones lose to the Connecticut Tigers 7 to 3. Many from BC were there from students, a cafeteria worker and a Phys Ed Professor Grillo. Due to the rain there was a small crowd. The Senior Cyclone Officer Larry Javob is depicted. He went to BC in 1951 and 1952. He said there is great value in a college education. He is a Korean War Veteran and 8o years old. More photos to come.       


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