Helen was not Ready (Helen Reddy concert review)

Wednesday July 24th singer Helen Reddy performed at Farmingdale’s Alan Park in Long Island. She had 15 hits in the top 40 mainly in the 1970s. Her most famous was I am woman which was the Women’s Liberation anthem. Reddy has a nasal clear voice with an Australian accent. She started a few songs and ended it in mid song because she had a sore throat. She said like a frog she would croak through it. She mentioned it about eight times. She does not like to do her hits because she has done them so many times. Her selections of other artists’ songs were of the romantic poetic kind but none were notable. Many in the audience left in the middle of the concert. She had no plan b and being in the business over 40 years should have. Some possibilities were to have the band play instrumentals, talk to people in the audience, have the audience have a sing a long or show videos. She had no backup singers further hurting any comparison to her songs done in their day. She introduced each band member for a second time and that was the ending of the show. She was lucky there were no tomatoes around that were reddy.


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