Free outdoor concerts

Trivia: In Youngstown Ohio, it is against the law to run out of gas. Thursday:  Lynard Skynard appears at Coney Island (song: sweet Home Alabama) Surf Avenue and W.21 St. 8pm, Saturday: Kingsborough Community College by the ocean you can hear The Hot Sardines 8pm (brass), Friday: SUNSET ON THE HUDSON   Local music on Pier 45 with Max Gallico & Friends, 7pm, Pier 45 at Christopher St, Sunday: MOONDANCE, Salsa with Los Hermanos Colon. Dance lessons begin at 6:30pm courtesy of Dance Manhattan. Live bands go on at 7pm,  6:30pm, Pier 84 at W.44th St, Wednesdays: McCarren Park in Williamsburg, bands go on at 6:30pm, and films start at sundown


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