Enjoy the Fourth or have a fifth

You get a holiday off so observe it or relax. Take a break from television and the Internet. Do not let it be your social life. Some age groups watch 30 hours a week and 12years of their life. Go outside and talk to a person and not a machine.

Some choices: Nathan’s Famous July 4th International Hot Dog Eating Contest with gastronomical athletes 10am @ Nathans Famous. The record is 68 Surf and Stillwell Ave. http://www.nathansfamous.com. With the crowds you probably can’t see much. The boardwalk will be so crowded you cannot walk. Your feet won’t touch the floor as the crowd moves you.                                                       Annual Macy’s Fireworks @ Multiple venues at 8 pm http://social.macys.com/fireworks/                                                                          Statue of Liberty reopening since Sandy. $20                                             Chuckie @ Governors Island 4 pm  $70. What better way to celebrate American independence—and pay tribute to New York City’s roots—than by heading to Governors Island (once a Revolutionary War artillery post) to watch a Dutch DJ play the type of hard, bouncy beats Yankee producers have spent years trying to jack. Ferry near the Staten Island Ferry.                                                             Volleyball Tournament at the Javitz Center with teams from China, Canada, Israel and the USA till Jul 9th 8am-3pm $10.


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