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Kingsborough Community College program Early College Secondary School enables 40 students to earn Associate’s degree in addition to high school diploma.
A small group of students have an opportunity to earn a tuition-free Associate’s degree. The students are selected by lottery.

Lunchapalooza with Ariadna Castellanos: Wednesday 12:30PM Central Library, Plaza. Spanish pianist and composer, Castellanos , is one of the emerging talents on the Flamenco and Jazz scene. Her recent album “Flamenco en Black and White” was produced by Grammy winner Javier Limón.
Great Books Discussion Series: Latin American Literature: Borges Wednesday, 2PM Central Library, Information Commons Lab. This session discusses Borges’s book, Labyrinths, an English language collection of short stories and essays.
Haitian Vodou in New York City Saturday 2PM , Central Library, Dweck Center. Vodou artists and practitioners, who will demonstrate a variety of the Vodou art forms practiced locally. They will also honor New York City mambos.

OC Award: Custodian Assistant night Roger Phillips does a great job cleaning James Hall. He is on the job going into his 21st year. He worked 18 years in the Ingersol buildings. There is one Custodian Assistant per building nights. He cleans all of James Hall but specifically the halls, offices and corridors of the first and second floor. He does the baby nursery. He sweeps, dusts mops and waxes. He uses all types of equipment from wet vac, auto scrubber and floor machines to name a few. He takes care of the garbage, general upkeep of a building as long as a city block.


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