New class and trivia

This blog will end soon as it is running out of memory.

Guess the number one city for tourists (counting business tourists involved). It is a surprise. There may be a flaw in the survey because it is based on how many fly in and possibly as a hub and many arrive by other ways but it has been near the top for years.  Answer Friday.

BC Marketing Society  says that a really interesting class for those interested in fashion and consumer society. It could be an elective. Professor  Sharon Zukin wrote a book on shopping called Point of Purchase.  She only has a few sociology students so far in her class so it should be a small group if anyone decides to join.

Sociology 3203  TR2   CONSUMER SOCIETY  Tuesday, Thursday   2:15-3:30 p.m.  3 credits.  Do you believe that wars in the 21st century will be fought over food, energy, water and earth?  Do you know someone who owns 100 pairs of sneakers?  Or do you want to work in the fashion business?

This sociology course examines the social institutions and cultural motivations of mass consumption.  We talk about consumption for status and identity, the costs of consumption in economic and environmental sustainability, and business strategies of advertising, branding and market research.  Emphasis is on reading and class discussion; students will create a digital portfolio of what they learn in the course. Recommended for majors in sociology, psychology, environmental studies, anthropology, business administration, and marketing.

BC Marketing Society site


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