Congratulate graduates

A Hunter College professor whose name I never got said:

A life plan is only as good as the many times it is revised. 

I will add a comment from the late composer Marvin Hamlish. When he told some he was going into music, he was told to marry rich.

The campus is probably closed till 12 or 1 pm Thursday for commencement. As you see the graduates go over and congratulate them. Especially congratulate those that do not have family with them. Many may be international students with no family here. Those with family bear in mind they are so proud of their child.

Many departments have parties so call to check. In SUBO some may be private parties: MEDO/PRA 10am to 3pm  in the Interantional Room,  Math Department 1-3pm   in the Alumni Room,  EMS 6-10pm   in the State Room. Additional parties are at Hillel, probably Speech in Boylan, Psych and Education in James.

Send in your best commencement stories and photos to post.  


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