(updated) BC Events

Monday: Test Anxiety Workshop, Does your mind go blank during exams?  6-7 PM, 1309 James Hall. BC Food Sustainability screening of The Story of Stuff. The film will be held in SUBO’s State Lounge on the 5th floor, from 6-9pm. Each of the three films is about 20 minutes and we will be screening three. Tuesday: Health and Wellness Festival, 12-3 PM at the Quad at Boylan Hall, Free blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes screenings; HIV/AIDS testing – CPR training, Marketing Society: Developing Career Strategies in Different Marketing Fields. 12:30 -2 AM: Student Center bcmktgsociety@gmail.com to RSVP, 222  Whitehead. Wednesday: Nutrition Clinic 1-2 PM, 326 New Ingersoll Hall. Learn about healthy ideas for breakfast on the go with quick meals, demo and samples. Thursday: Movie on the Quad: Ghost Busters – Part of Unity Week 7:30-10 PM, Stress Management Workshop, teaches techniques to identify and cope with sources of stress in daily life, especially in relation to school performance. 12:15 PM – 1:30 PM, 2615 James Hall.


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