Six Months After Sandy: Brooklyn Campus Rises To Post-Storm Challenge

NY 1 reports Kingsborough Community College was back in business just a week after being hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, but the work goes on to bring the campus back to pre-Sandy conditions and to protect it from future storms. NY1’s Roger Clark reported water inundating the 70-acre campus. “There were literally automobiles, refrigerators, debris of all types, right on the beach,” said KCC Vice President of Academic Administration David Gomez.

When NY1 visited the campus in late December flooding had lifted docks out of the water at the school’s Maritime Technology Area. Those have since been removed and the college is working on a plan to make the area less vulnerable. Floors and walls in classrooms and offices that were destroyed have since been replaced. Transformers are now on platforms to protect them from flood waters.

Kingsborough Community College is unique because the campus has a beach. They are going to have to send divers in under the waves to check out for any debris from the storm. there is a relief food distributions that serve anywhere from two-thousand to five thousand people. Video:–brooklyn-campus-rises-to-post-storm-challenge


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