PHD Party wins student election, correction: Movie on the Quad is next Thursday

The PhD Party led by David Rosenberg had 499 votes to the Independent Party’s Jameel Henderson 379 votes. Computers went down from 1 to 3pm. Henderson tried to get an election official to extend the voting for 2 hours but could not find any late. PHD fliers listed many issues and the bright orange was noticeable of the bulletin boards. The Independents won a few seats in the assembly and their index card fliers gave the steps on how to register online which was well needed. For a new student and an independent to get almost 400 students to vote against an established incumbant party is impressive. Rosenberg was tireless with many hours put into the campaign.

Movie on the Quad has been rescheduled. “Ghost Busters” May 2, Thursday 7:30pm. I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done. Steven Wright


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