Futurist Garry Golden pays a visit.

Futurist Garry Golden pays a visit.

By Diana Mustafa and Nelson Villatoro Junior

On February 19th Futurist Garry Golden was able to conduct a futurist talk at the Students Center Maroon Room.  The event was brought to Brooklyn College students by the Magner Center.

Goldman is the lead futurist of FutureThink Innovations. He provided students with important information about what a futurist is which most do not know. In his own words and with a high level of humor he stated that “it is someone that carefully studies the trends of different markets in order to provide educated predictions on how some markets gears may shift.”  He reads the job market skills needed as he watches lifestyles and social change.  Social media sites he says are vital to being hired. Networking is helped by creating and image online. Business will be checking out your online postings. He recommends a resume that is realistic and not all perfect accomplishments and show you grew from mistakes.

Golden was able to discuss how important it is for college student to get a good grasp of the direction of change. This is because we see that many of the fields are being affected by the rapid change in technology.

He got the audience involved by asking questions. Golden was able to explain how most of the jobs were related to some level of technology.  Golden informed students on the need to understand the trend diffusion within society.  The scale can be understood on how some products or organizations first emerge, then arrive at the framing stage, followed by the mainstream and finally reaching a level of resolution or “plateau”. Golden brought up a point which indicated that from 1950’s to 1990’s most of the world economy revolved from West to West, this meant that the principal markets pointed at North America and Europe. From the 1990’s to early 2000’s the markets economies pointed at the East and the West. More over Golden describe how there is a tremendous possibility how the markets will eventually point to the “South to South” markets. This will include markets from the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China). Therefore it will be a great idea for those students looking for future careers to stay informed in order to remain employable in a globalized market. This is his 6th visit here.  Some of the tips that Golden provided BC student were: He said one should be specialized in one field but lot of other skills ready if there are changes in the market.

Tip #: 1 Prepare for Uncertainties & Dynamics Changes in a Global Age of Work.

Tip # 2:  Go Beyond the Resume (this means have an up to date resume, create a presentable profile in serious social networks, and demonstrate presence whenever possible)

Tip #3: Show your Breadth of Skills (List any possible certification that can be potentially related to the internship or job you desire)

Tip # 4: Expand Base of Teachers & Learning Communities

Tip #5: Describe Opportunities at Intersections of Change

Tip #6: Become a Student in the Art of Storytelling

Tip #7: Embrace Failure / Fail Fast & Forward

Tip #8: Follow Smart Passionate Conversations

Mr. Golden was able to close the session by inviting students to ask questions or to stay around if they desire to know more about this type of events.

To view a PDF copies of the presentation go to the following website



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