BCer’s at Republican Mayoral Forum

BCer’s at Republican Mayoral Forum

By Bruce Crane

On Sunday February 17th at Ceol Irish Pub in Cobble Hill many Brooklyn College students and alumni met mayoral candidate Tom Allon. It was held by the Brooklyn Young Republican Club. Allon attended Cornell University and received a Master’s Degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Allon taught at Stuyvesant High School. From 1986 to 1991, Allon was editor of The West Side Spirit, a community newspaper now owned by Manhattan Media, the company of which Allon currently serves as CEO, along with The West Side Spirit, Manhattan Media also publishes the community newspapers Our Town, The Westsider, the Chelsea Clinton News, the political newspapers City Hall and The Capitol, and the magazines Avenue and New York Family.

Allon helped create two successful public high schools, Eleanor Roosevelt High School on the Upper East Side and Frank McCourt High School on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. His platform is on education, public safety, fiscal responsibility, jobs, small business and more tech companies. He has run a budget.

He is for smaller government which could happen through attrition or consolidation. The largest costs are payroll and education. He wants to eliminate cronyism. He is for kindergarten vouchers and school choice. He wants teachers better trained because 50% leave in 5 years. He likes the medicine practice mode. Instead of diploma mills he wants 3 years of classroom teaching like a residency. It would cost nothing because tuition covers it.  This would benefit all of society in students getting jobs. Now teachers train in the classroom 3 to 6 months.

His premier issue is education and the budget. He feels the pensions are too high for city employees. He wants a growth model and workers having to contribute to the pension. He likes the job the last 2 mayors did in increasing public safety but feels it has to be kept up. The police force has been reduced from 31,000 to 26,000. He likes community policing and auxiliary police. He wants retired cops to get paid more.

He likes the Washington DC libraries usage with a lot of training workshops. He said that he could utilize 1200 schools not used at night and on weekends. He is a physical conservative and social liberal. He is for same sex marriage. He wants to be on the Republican and Liberal ticket.  He is looking for the crossover appeal. He wants to grow the party and get some of the 800,000 unregistered voters. He does not want lazy voters that just pull a party lever blindly.

He would like the subway under the mayor’s control. He says if we name train stations and bus stops after donors we could raise 400 million dollars verse going to Albany with the tin cup brigade. He would redo the commuter tax. He likes D.C’s parking permits avoiding a lot of parking meter hassles. The event was emceed by the Brooklyn Young Republican President Glenn Nocera who is an alumnus from Brooklyn College and present peace officer. He was recently in the news twice on Fox TV and twice in the NY Post.  Nocera said there are no new hospitals only new closings. Allon talked about the Siderman Hospital closing years ago and hurting the community. LIU and Downstate Hospital may close. Saint Vincent Hospital closed. Someone got sick right near there and had to go crosstown to the Beth Israel Hospital and died. They would have been saved if they did not have to go so far. He wants clinics available in poor neighborhoods.  The mayor could broker a deal to save hospitals losing money. Maimoneideis Hospital is buying Brookdale Hospital.

About the BSD Movement speakers at Brooklyn College he is for free speech and academic freedom. He is against using public money and land for that speech. The Political Science Department cosponsored the event. He disagrees with the mayor on the issue. His relatives were holocaust survivors. He is for fracking far away from the water supply. He recommends seeing the Ed Koch Documentary. Some in attendance from Brooklyn College with a high profile were ex Peace Officer Daniel Nizza and past student government Speaker Jonathon Judge.


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