Events, more posted Wednesday for the rest of the week

Tuesday: Stress Management Workshop  12:15- 1:30 PM,  2615 James Hall, Becoming the Employee of the Future with Futurist Garry Golden 12:15 – 2:15 PM Student Center Maroon Room See:  What are the future technologies that are going to affect the workforce? What are the next innovations that will change our world? And what are the skills you will need to succeed? Skills building doesn’t end when you graduate college. Professional Futurist Garry Golden will discuss what the future job market will look like and what skills you will need for success.  To register,

BC Health Awareness Club’s basketball game 12:15-2:15 pm for attire requirements, rules, and regulations. Also, make sure you bring your Brooklyn College ID with you! Otherwise, you will not be allowed on the courts. West Quad Basketball Courts. All are welcome. Lunch will be served after the game at 1:30 pm. Please arrive on time. We’ll be meeting outside the locker rooms at 12:30 pm. Locker rooms and basket ball courts are located in the basement of West Quad. E-mail if you will be participating in this event.

 Microsoft Excel Part 2 Formulas & Charts 12:30 – 1:45 PM Library Classroom  038 See:,  PowerPoint Part 1: Basic Presentation Building 6:30-7:45 PM Library Classroom, Room 122, Faculty Council Meeting 3:15 PM, Library- Woody Tanger Auditorium, Priests of Our Democracy 3:40-4:55 PM 4th Floor – Student Center,   Marjorie Heins speaks on her new book. Information Session: Nutrition MS  6-7PM to discuss the M.S. Nutrition program, admission requirements, and the application process. To register:  Library, Room 241,  BCAA Presents Mardi Gras 7:30-12 PM  Student Center  $20.00 per person which was not listed on the flier. Contact: Alumni Affairs; 718.951.5065;

Wednesday:  Conversion Day: Classes follow a Monday schedule. Information Session: Sociology MA 6-7PM  Library – Room 242 See:  to discuss the Master’s degree in Sociology, admission requirements, and the application process. To register visit:


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