All events are in the the Student Center (SUBO) unless indicated.)                     Tuesday: “Meet the Greeks” (Greek fraternity rushes) 12:15pm

Thursday: Hillel Open House with games and food from about 12 clubs at 12:30pm in Hillel behind McDonalds facing the college. Cultural Diversity 12pm SUBO.

At night is what the Daily News called an anti-Israel conference with speakers against Israel policy in the Student Center Penthouse. The BDS movement Harvard Professor and staunch Israel advocate Alan Dershowitz wrote a feverish op-ed in the Huffington Post. He denounced BDS as a “hate group”.

The New York Post Andrea Peyser called it a hate fest. The BDS Movement stands for boycott, divestment and sanctions, a pernicious plot that calls for the shunning of Israeli scholars and the removal of funding and investment from Israel. Peyser says it is Jew bashing and promotes ethnic cleansing. 1760 signed a petition from the Israeli Club against the event. About 400 e-mails were sent to the Communications Department.  It is Thursday in the Student Center (SUBO) 6:30pm in the Penthouse. 

Saturday 4 – 5 PM, Teacher Career Fair 2013 Nemnet Diversity Job Fair,
off-campus,, Newark Academy, Livingston, NJ. For more information and to Register to attend visit:
Contact: Magner Center for Career Development and Internships; Phone:718.951.5696;


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