Winterfest in Central Park

Last year the Winterfest was not held due to good weather. Last Saturday it was below freezing so snow machines could create snow.  The big crowds were at the band shell which had a live band and ice sculptures. There are small hills in Central Park for kids to bring their own tubes or they can borrow skis or snow shoes. There was a steep ramp for skate boarding. There were many games for kids like bowling. There were many vendors for doogie products and the clients were there. Many doggie boots were worn fashionably. When there is rock salt boots  protects the dog. There was a hurdle track for dogs. It looked like adults had to be accompanied by a kid or a dog. There was heating tent but the temperature was in the high 20’s and little wind with the trees blocking it. The ski hotels and other vendors gave out freebies like pens and candy. Many TV stations were there like WPIX channel 11. The park was a winter wonderland with the lakes frozen and a new coating of snow on top.


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