Welcome all new students and all. Walking Tours and Photoshop Basics Pt. 2 PC and MACS free workshops

Yesterday we had 154 viewers. It must be new students this semester. The small semesters are full of out of town students taking classes here because there visiting their parents who live here. So everyone is new and don’t be afraid to ask for help. You could be called an expert and not know a field but just know who to ask.  If you want to get to know the campus taking a walking tour. A better idea is join On Campus and be a reporter. We know over 1000 events a week in the full semesters. You can evn write about your individual college experience. If interested, before you start anything contact RobinQhood (at) Yahoo.com

For viewers send in clean short videos for us to post. It would be good if it was BC related but could be of a trip.

Walking Tours of Brooklyn College Weekday’s this week 10-11 AM, West Quad Center .  Wander the campus with a student tour guide to see all the spots where students spend their days on campus. Visit the library, student center, cafeteria, dining hall, career development and internship center, and other areas of interest. I don’t believe you have to register but you can check with the Brooklyn College Navigators; 718.951.5000 ext. 6623; bcnavigators@brooklyn.cuny.edu


Photoshop Basics Pt. 2 (PC) this Thursday 2:30 – 4 (PC), Library PC Multimedia Classroom, Room 383. AIT presents intensive hands-on free technology workshops featuring Adobe Photoshop. These workshops are open to all Brooklyn College students, staff and faculty. No registration is necessary and there is no cost. You can showcase your pix with Adobe Photoshop, a program that’s easy to learn and provides powerful, industry-standard, image editing tools with which you can produce sophisticated graphics, photos and web content. This beginner’s session will give you hands-on instruction on how to create and manipulate images and artwork quickly and easily. If you can use a computer to open, save and close files, you can learn Photoshop. This workshop is intended for those who are curious and interested in learning about Photoshop. Those who attend this workshop will be introduced to the user interface of Photoshop, and how it is used for basic and general use. Anthony Caines, 718-951-5000 x1794; acaines@brooklyn.cuny.edu                                       Also this Friday 1:30-3 PM (MAC)  http://ait.brooklyn.cuny.edu/librarycafe/page.php?view=workshops


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