BCers help in recovery

Respond and Rebuild Organization’s BC’s Terri Benet’s email says Shanna Snider said: 1,600 people give their time (that’s over 11,000 hours) to the families of Rockaway, cleaning, mucking, gutting, and removing mold from neighborhood homes
Over $150,000 of tools and safety equipment generously donated through our online gift registry
Jeff Vandenberg, a plumber from Michigan, drove almost a thousand miles to donate his 14-foot box truck to Respond & Rebuild, so that we could transport tools and supplies to our work sites across Rockaway
Pastor Dennis Loncke of the Arverne Pilgrim Church open the doors of his church and community center to Respond & Rebuild and gave us a base of operations.
Almost every day, someone delivers meals and hot coffee to our crews in the field when we need it most
and $17,000 in donations for mold-remediation through our IndieGoGo Fundraiser from supporters like you.
The recovery effort in Rockaway has a long way to go. I certainly hope you will continue to join us on this journey whether from home or in the field. The families still need our help. So share your story with your friends and family. Tell them why you chose to care and encourage them to get involved, too.

Be the change you want to see in the world.~Ghandi.

Stick with us and, together, we will make a difference.


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