BC’s Cousin Brucie, me, on the radio

I have called in in the past to WPAT radio with my oldie concert reviews. The last one was the Doo Wop at BC.
I was invited in the studio of WPAT radio Friday on the Teddy Smith/Bob Obrien shows from 7 to 9 pm. The first part will air this Friday December 21St 7pm. The highlight was on the air asking L. Russel Brown a question and I quoted Groucho Marx saying “Time wounds all heals”.

In person was L. Russel Brown the writer of Tie a Ribbon Round the old Tree and most of Tony Orlando’s hits, Tom Austin who wrote Short Shorts and with the Royal Teens, Ron Dante of The Archies (Sugar Sugar) as well as the one-hit wonder group The Cuff Links, John Luke, Tony Middleton famous for Church Bells May Ring,  Russell Dinkins Jr. of the Stylists, Adam and the Hearts lead and the Savoys from Newark sang accapella. Gloria was one of their best songs.
On the phone was Darlene Love, B.J. Thomas, Gary Lewis, Beverly Bremmer known for Don’t say you don’t remember, Mel Carter known for Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Russel Tompkins of the Stylists, Wilbur Harrison Junior whose father sang Kansas City Kansas City.

Savoy’s Sam Monaco repeated a joke in the waiting room of a patient saying to a doctor that there invisible and the doctor said “Then I can’t see today”. The group has been together for 50 years.


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