Marketing Key Speakers

Zachery Weinberg of Ecommerce

Zachery Weinberg of Ecommerce

Monday December 3rd in the Maroon Room of the Student Center, the Marketing Society presented Life after college in the marketing field. The Marketing Society is a new club and it had its first event. The first speaker was Zachery Weinberg of Ecommerce who is a marketing professional working in the field of cross-site marketing for It was asked if jobs are hired from within the company. Weinberg said companies recruit from the colleges loudly and sometimes quietly. The latter is so they do not have to go through a long process of applicants till deciding. Sometimes they do not want students and want some with more experience. He recommended your first job be in a place we you can learn a lot and use it as a stepping stone to be promoted. You can cold call a company not even looking for workers. First research them and it will show you want to work for them verse a job fair of many choices.

The next speaker was Roey F who is the Co-founder of Look and Feel interactive marketing apps in the mobile era.  He uses apps for Apple and not Android based or ISS devices on his experience in demand. One app he sold 10,000 on Apple and only one on Android and the one person was complaining.  He was asked how he finds an idea. He looks for a need. With his partner they brainstorm development and design. They analyze product work flow. They consider reputation and recognition.

He has I Watermelon which is to test a watermelon. Watermelons are expensive, so a $1 app is worth it to many. To market it they put QP codes on watermelon which are scannable by phones. He can also track them. It is a top seller in Asian counties.  It took off without advertising. There is “My Girl” app which is bit sexy. There are casual gaming apps where you have to find an object camouflaged. He uses top Israeli artist Jacky and uses top graphics.   Many displays were interactive from YouTube.  Apps vary from simple to complex and source intensive and maintenance intensive.   Students were very interested and asked many questions.

Roey Franco Co-founder of Look and Feel

Roey F Co-founder of Look and Feel


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