Tuesday: Free Kaplan Test. International Lounge – 5th Floor Subo                     GMB Thanksgiving Potluck with BA/MD Club and the Newman Center $5 12:30-2pm Student Center 2nd floor. How to Apply for Federal Jobs? 1- 2PM, 1309 James Hall, Black Women Film Festival B(W)FF Silent Choices, 12:30- 2PM, 227 Ingersoll Hall Extension – Women’s Center, MLA Formatting, 6:30-7:45 PM                                                                     Library Classroom, Room 122,     LinkedIn to Your Career, PM 6- 7:30 PM, WEB Building, Room 129. Wednesday: Hillel Thanksgiving 6pm in Hillel, but probably 200 fraternity and sorority students. They always need volunteers with the food. (718) 859-1151, Political Science Club 1-2pm. tStudent-based discussion on the election results and focusing on the Congressional races, why were the Democrats unable to take back control of the House and how will this impact Obama’s agenda for his second term, what role did money play in this election? Why is campaign finance not being brought up as an issue, how will the historic propositions in Washington state and Colorado legalizing recreational marijuana effect the country and its drug policy, do the elections of openly gay and bisexual politicians to the House and Senate signify a changing attitude in America in regards to LGBT people?  SUBO Maroon Room.


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