On Campus Evolving

We’d like to welcome our new Business Manger Katleng Loi. In the last semester we added editors Chunhui Zhu and Chunmei Zhu. Three On Campus board members (Bruce Crane, Courtney Reed and Jay Jankelewicz)have been together for many years and some are ending.   Last year we had 9,000 readers, more then we could have imagined and we thank you.  We started with no writers. The staff is modest and we have turned down complimentary interviews from other papers and they never wanted an award ceremony. Our individual names are not on the business cards, office door or desk. We avoid our photos in the paper over others.  We have many letters of praise which we did not print.                                                                        On Campus was run years ago by USL and failing and they came to me to save it as I did to another paper. No one for semesters wanted the editor job that I had to take it to keep it going.  There is no agenda, republican or democratic, USL or PHD. Neither party has complained of coverage and they are not sure which one I vote for. Both student government parties have asked me to run for president. We give out awards to students and BC staff. We put dozens of clubs in it and dozens of student’s photos in each issue. My biggest enemies I have praised. We look for the positive side of campus. We do not look to do sensationalizing journalism to make a big name for another job or to run for student president.

We have helped out other papers with excess budget money and furniture. We have offered to do a photography workshop and praised them in print. The papers had big wars just a few years ago. We have kept them from fighting and given them advertisers, writers and leads. We have jointly worked on articles.

We have praise from journalist professors and paper’s advisors for our objectivity.  We have shared trade secrets with other colleges. In 20 years America has half the writers it used to. NY used to have 9 daily newspapers. Now there are websites, blogs, possibly less reading, 140 character messages and texting one liners. The Kingsman and Excelsior just a few years ago were 24 pages long. Two thirds of the BC student population works. Of the 50 NY colleges, half do not have a paper. Night Call and Hatikva have not been active many a semester.We have no stipends and other disadvantages. All our staff is volunteers.

Courtney Reed left and came back. We have writers from other papers, one became their editor. Articles and editorials are read by many before being finalized. We have a few senior citizens to every ethnic group and race. More than many know, it has been a team effort and the success even if we have to say it, that they should be applauded. It has been an important part of my life. Rather than stare at 4 walls we choose to contribute and hope it was appreciated and I am proud to be part of the team.


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