Hurricane relief: assistance, gas stations, volunteer, donate cans and be on TV


You can find gas at

Hillel: “Storm Sandy Distress Fund” has been started to provide textbooks and clothing to students and their families affected by the damage. If you need help please visit this site ( for more information and to register.                                                                                                                                          Mental Health Counseling on hand at Tanger Hillel at BrooklynCollege. Rabbi Rueven Boshnack, MHS & a social work intern are available on Monday – Thursday from 10am-5pm. Email them at and to schedule an appointment or just stop by.

Federal Disaster Relief Information                  Tell us how YOU are doing and if you or anyone in your neighborhood has specific needs that have to be addressed after Hurricane Sandy.                              Hot Soup at Hillel from 12:30pm, Monday-Thursday.                                       Volunteer Opportunities: The aftermath of Sandy will be felt for weeks; make your volunteer hours count. Sign up here ( to stay updated about different volunteer opportunities around NYC.                                                                          1. VOLUNTEERS URGENTLY NEEDED FOR MONDAY, November 5th from 12-4: SHOREFRONT Y 3000 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn,NY. Shorefront Y has a major food, water and supplies distribution. and will distribute 250 Kosher meals tomorrow morning. Shorefront needs volunteers to help with social service questions and food stamp applications. The National Guard was at the Shorefront Y today and will return tomorrow. We are worried about local residents coping with the frigid temps tonight without heat in many of the buildings in Brighton Beach.                                                                                      Certain supplies are in great demand…packaged new underwear for men, women and children, toiletries, feminine hygiene products, flashlights and batteries.  *Also Russian speakers are needed for 12pm to help with filing claims*                     2. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED AT Tanger Hillel House, Monday & Tuesday 10AM -7PM for phon-a-thon to check on senior citizens. Please stop by Tanger Hillel House between those hours to help out.                                                                       3. Federal Disaster Relief Training at Kings Bay Y at 1pm for volunteers.

There is no more room at Hillel for gas and coats so bring it directly to the area. Other options are to bring food and coats to the third floor of the Student Center.  Tanger Hillel House 2901 Campus Rd. 718-859-1151____________________________________________________



If you have been affected by Hurricane Sandy  and are in need of assistance contact the office of Student Assistance and Referral at at 2113 Boylan Hall. Student government is coordinating  and needs volunteers


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