Marathon cancelled, (Mayor-thon), carpool to BC link

I feel the mayor has handled the hurricane very well except approving the marathon. 8,000 police were to be used They say it was not taking resources away as there is no electricity, traffic lights and every one accounted for in areas yet. The media outcry and public may have helped reverse the decision. A parade with numbers on a person is not a priority. Half the runners could not get here due to airports and roads closed. It may bring over 300 million dollars to the city and the hurricane may have cost NY 50 million. Runners train their schedule for it but there are more important things in life then games.  Some religions mourn for half a year. The time to resume social events is individual but when not all persons have been accounted for is definitely to early. Postponing it a week or so was sensible. The marathon was to start in Staten Island which has a lot of devastation. The attitude the show must go on is flawed. With people missing, no power, drinking water, flushing toilets, heat,  do you want utilities and rescuers running in a race instead? Who remembers the Super Bowl winner of a few years ago that was so important at the time?

car polling to BC

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We hope this tool will help our community overcome some of the many travel challenges they face.

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To avoid traffic in Manhattan and having roads for ambulances to drive through required a free bus system and 3 people in a car. The car gas shortage should be alleviated soon. The port was not open due to water debris and piers broken. The National Guard one report said were bringing generators for gas stations to pump the gas.

Any one with hurricane help links, photos or stories please send them in. RobinQhood (at) 

BC has created an online tool to facilitate ride sharing.  The web links to the tool are provided below and the same links will soon be published in the portal and on the college web page.   Create your RideShare (carpool) offer:

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If any issues are noted with the RideShare tool, please contact ITS at 718-951-5861.


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