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Many city parks are opening Saturday at 8am. The current list is at  The city buses are free till Friday. A Bruce tip: with the subways out and free buses they are overly crowded.  They let you now enter through the back door.  If many are waiting at your stop you may not get on, may be very crowded and no seat. The answer is walk a stop before the crowd to beat the crowd. Note if they will stop at that stop if it is a limited bus.   Many news link on our right panel of blogroll.  I should have added to the list of items for a hurricane such as a mop, sponge and a reflect vest. It could be a biking vest so cars do not hit you or in the woods hunters don’t shoot you. Also stay away from windows due to breaking glass. 100 year hurricanes now occur every year. To e-mails from friends in other countries I joke: No news. I’m Ok but I never was normal. That is from a joke that someone gave me a phone number and it turned out to be a mental ward.  I got an e-mail and wrote her asking her if it was a good number and told her the story.  She wrote me and said it was a good number but she was crazy.

To volunteer or get help 1 800- REDCROSS,  Staffing, For government   home help FEMA 800 621- 3362, see and click on how to help, If you see live wires 800 75 CONED

WYNC radio has been on generator power.  Extreme flooding in New Jersey has knocked out our AM transmitter for WNYC AM820 and WNJO 90.3 FM (Toms River/Seaside Park). WNYC 93.9FM, WQXR 105.9 FM, WNJT 88.1 FM (Trenton), WNJP 88.5 FM (Sussex) and WNJY-FM 89.3 (Netcong) are on the air. Many volunteer sites on

Transit Tracker                                          Where to find services, shelters and supplies:

Central Park had 550 trees destroyed or damaged in the park. Prior to that they had a 100 million dollar donation.  The NY Parks and Recreation  Department needs volunteers for clean-ups, so sign-up at

Volunteers needed for the Hudson River Park  and photo from site below

Hudson River Park’s Pier 25 Playground damaged by Hurricane Sandy. See white dots to see depth of field.

Team Hillel wrote Nov 1st so it may have happened : Our doors are open to you and your families if you are need of shelter. Come in to re-charge, rest, use the internet, etc.

 If you would like to help with recovery efforts we will be volunteering in two locations.  Location #1: Warbasse and Trump Buildings at 10:30am. Corner of Neptune Ave and West 5 St. Location #2: Mazal Day School 12pm. Corner of Neptune Ave and West 5 St.                                           For more information about the scope of work read on. In the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to email Yelena at Yelena@bchillel.orgThank you for your ability and desire to help.
Location #1 detailed information: @10:30am A makeshift operation out of my car: White Lexus Truck LOCATION: I will position next to the entrance of Shopping Center Parking Lot right off Neptune Avenue ON WEST 5th  St.  TIME: I plan to get there by 10:30 am and ask that you please try to be there at that time as well.   OPERATION: We will set up teams of 4 people (or more) to go into each building (there are more than one elevator bank in most; and the teams will break into 2 to cover each elevator bank each team must have one Russian speaker). We will ride the elevator to the top floor “if it is working” if not we will walk to the top floor, and once there, we will knock on each door and give 20-40 seconds to LISTEN if there is any activity inside the apartment. Should the door open and we hope that it will, we will introduce ourselves and say that “we are volunteers going around checking on seniors who were trapped for the last 3 days” (since some folks are starting to move back in as of tonight we do not want to spook anyone)If it is a senior who opened the door please observe carefully if they are too fragile to respond to your questions, if they are- we will call 911 immediately.If they are fully responsive we will ask:  Do they have food and drinking water? Do they have all their medicine? Do they need to get in touch with anyone urgently?  Do they need anything ?(please do not get stuck with someone asking for a million dollars -politely move on)  If they are in need of assistance, we will take down their information such as (name, exact address APT# and what they need) we will record every answer and proceed. (We will use our discretion as to the urgent situation should it be clear and present and communicate that to the base of operation). If it is not particularly urgent we will proceed to the next apartment. After every apartment is completed on the top floor we will proceed to the floor below using staircases as it is much faster and so on until we reach the lobby. After we complete all the elevator banks in our assigned buildings we will report to the base with results. IF there are any questions or concerns we will try and address everything in a very timely fashion.  We will report all the results and findings to the local elected officials who are coordinating with appropriate groups and agencies to provide the needed help and relief. Location #2 detailed information: Mazal Day School at 12pm. The school was flooded and has a lot of physical damage. We need your help to physical clean up the classrooms.

The Tae Kwon Do Club needs help for one of the students. They wrote: Liliana Melendez has lost her home and everything inside. She is starting over from scratch. Lili is our family, not only because she is on the Taekwondo team or even because she is a Brooklyn College student; she is a person in need. I’d like to set up a collection, of money, food, clothing, toiletries, anything that Lili and her family could possibly need. You can drop it off with me any time between now and next week; I live within walking distance of campus. I’d like to present her with everything by November 9th. Let’s try to keep quiet until then. If you have any questions, please let me know. Kihap! Professor Chin. http://www.brooklyncollegetkd.comDistrict Leader, 58th Assembly District Cory Provost a past Graduate student government president sent the following: 

On Monday November 5th at

6:30pmPlease join Assemblyman Nick Perry

District Leaders

Melba Brown & Cory Provost


As we host a townhall meeting to discuss how you can get aid after Hurricane Sandy with representatives from FEMA.


9719 Flatlands Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Con Edison has IMMEDIATE openings
(900) for Safety Site Inspectors stationed in every borough. Duties to include placing yellow safety tape around areas with downed trees ensuring that the public stay away from trees or downed lines.
Candidates must have their own vehicle, clean driver’s license and work boots
Shifts from 7AM – 7PM, and 7PM – 7AM
paying $25 per hour.
 (Company will waive background checks).

Also, Bi-Lingual Customer Service Reps (any language plus English) stationed in Brooklyn to answer and field incoming calls. $17 per hour.

These positions are open to the public at large.

Email resumes or letter of interest



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