Hurricane Preparedness

New York City Government: or call 311 see hurricane guide
Federal Agency FEMA:
Summary of the tips.
Make a plan, protect your property from wind, water, looters and stay informed.
“To go bag”: Copies of your important documents in a waterproof and
portable container (insurance cards, photo IDs, proof of address, etc.)
Extra set of car and house keys, glasses
Copies of credit/ATM cards and cash in small denominations
A 3 day supply of bottled water a gallon a day for drinking and sanitation, nonperishable food such as energy or non-perishable food, granola bars, salty food will make you thirsty, peanut butter, cereal, dried fruit, peanuts, crackers, non-perishable milk, high energy food, canned juice, vitamins, comfort food and a can opener
a battery-powered or hand-crank radio, extra flashlights and batteries,
an waterless soap, whistle or bell
rain gear: hat, coat, boot, umbrella
clothes, blanket, dust mask, first aid kit, first aid book.

Up-to-date medication information and other essential personal items. Keep a list of the medications each member of your household takes, why they take them, and their dosages.
Also include all doctors’ names and phone numbers of relatives. Stay away from windows due to breaking glass. Have a full tank of gas.

Consider checking on the elderly or people living alone. Stay well.


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