Jerry Seinfeld will be coming to BC on his tour

Jerry Seinfeld graduated from Queens College in 1976, returned to the school Oct. 18 as part of a series of shows in each of the City’s boroughs.
He was given an honorary doctorate from the institution in 1994. “I really think that means more, to have the degree given to you, instead of spending all of those years trying to earn it,” he joked.  He addressed questions about his major (communications and theater – “I did two majors, which is good, because each of those is only half of one”), “Politics? No, that’s boring,” he said before moving on to the next question.
Seinfeld has two more shows on his tour of the City. His next performance will be at the St. George Theatre in Staten Island on Nov. 1. The final set will take place at the Walt Whitman Theatre at Brooklyn College on Nov. 8. Both shows are sold out.  Information and quotes  from the Queens Tribune.

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