Slapstick Videos and viewer comments about this blog

The other day I thought of having a doorbell ring in the other room and Babe says, ‘Stanley, go get the door.’ I come back with the door” said Stan Laurel. Laurel was a famous silent and movie star. He is the skinny in the stereotype of fat and skinny. It came to mind because TV talk show host Dick Cavett wrote about him in the NY Times recently.
Laurel had quipped: “If anyone at my funeral has a long face, I’ll never speak to him again”.
For the best of clip of slapstick see the first clip. If you want to see more then see the famous piano delivery clip first.

Slapstick YouTube

The piano delivery

Way out West Dance

Blog comments: Ashton Cooper wrote about a club flier we posted: Woo! Campus Advance Christian Club @ BC. I love you guys, and that’s a funny flyer lol.

Luis De La Rosa wrote about the martial arts article: Master of Master I had the privilege of training under this great humble giant in 1972, anyone who trains regardless of his or her style Martial Art would prosper. Master Luis De La Rosa, Tae Kwon Do


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