Monk Parakeets nest at BC and make it apartment house like due to teamwork. It is impenetrable strength with cyanide for falcons and eagles.

Making It in a Strange Land (from BC hot news on the BC website  Oct. 16, 2012)

Monk parakeets have found a home on campus. They appear as invaders, taking over a neighborhood and erecting tall dwellings seemingly overnight. Offspring and relatives soon follow, and their ensuing racket is not to be spoken of in polite company. That’s monk parakeets for you. But, then again, they have so much to teach us about ourselves. Frank Grasso associate professor of psychology, has been studying the birds since 2000, when he took his position in the department. Seeing their nests in the lights surrounding the athletic field near his office on campus, he realized the birds might be a perfect medium for understanding a central tenet of human behavior.

This is a long article and continued on “The Best Of” top button and scroll down.


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