BC Events

Monday: Student Lecture Series: Hindustani Music and Dance, Studio 312, Roosevelt Extension 5:15 – 6:15 PM.

Tuesday: Presidential Town Hall on Foreign and Domestic Policy,  Student Center, Penthouse 7th Floor 8 PM. Photosharing in the basement 10 am – 6pm.  GASP Welcome Tea  4:30-6pm Alumni Room. PRA Hispanic History International Room6:30-10pm.

Thursday: Breast Cancer Workshop, 12:15-2:15pm Student Center, William-Jefferson Lounge, 4th floor. This event will include breast cancer survivor guest speakers, videos, informative discussions, refreshments.

HOT HULA and ZUMBA Fitness Event. 5:30-8pm 2nd floor Dance Room West Quad,  $5.  Tickets will be sold before hand at our Welcome Back Bash: Club Fair Table and at the door by Global Medical Brigades.

Friday: Job/Internship Fair, Student Center – 6th Floor 11:30 AM – 2PM.


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