College Block Party, Movie, Health Screenings, PRA/MEDO Game Night

Welcome Back Bash (street festival) Tuesday 12:15 to 2:30pm in front of SUBO (The Student Center). Visit the On Campus table. Usually free pizza or hot dogs inside the Student Center. If it rains festival inside.                                               Screening: My American Girls: A Dominican Story. Tuesday  6:30pm to 8pm Library Auditorium.  The Film Society together with BC MEDO Dominican and the P.R.A (Puerto Rican Alliance) will be hosting a special documentary screening featuring director and cast for a post-screening Q&A session. An opportunity to get your questions answered from a great director whose work has been feature in PBS. For the trailer and more info about the documentary.                             Wednesday: Health and Benefits Fair. 12-2pm Student Center free screenings/consultations: blood pressure, glucose, flu shots with your insurance plan, sample massage.                                                                                                                              Film Society movie 6-10pm Penthouse Student Center.                               Thursday:  PRA/MEDO Game Night with a variety of games to choose from in the club rooms in 149 or 151 West End Building near the computer room.


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