Who really runs the college? The inside story.

Who runs the college? Of course it is the BC Runners Club at runningbc@gmail.com. This is a slogan we gave them from an idea from a marathon t-shirt saying we run NY.

Health and Nutrition Science Club hnsclub.brooklyncollege@gmail.com Tentative List of Events, Club room: 4130 N Monthly Meetings: 1st meeting with Kaplan – September 11th
1:30 – 2:30 p.m. Location: TBA, Volunteer with Grow NYC Sunday, September 16th
Time: TBA, Nutrition Workshop Sponsored by Health Program / MAPS / HNS
Thursday, September 20th – 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. Eagle Street Rooftop Farming
Sunday, September 23th – 1-4pm, Food & Nutrition Expo – October 6th – 9th

Global Medical Brigades bcmedicalbrigades@globalbrigades.org
Last year’s brigade brought medical supplies to Panama was a great success and there planning a brigade to Nicaragua. How to come on the brigade? 20-25 students will receive funding for the brigade. Students will be selected based on participation in events/fundraising, senior status, and going above and beyond. How to get involved? Come to all events and sign up for a committee to help plan events/fundraise! Just showing up to events is not enough- to be selected students must take initiative. There are so many ways to help- just ask what you can do. Calendar of Fall Events: Bake Sale- 9/19, Bar Night – 9/20, Mini Info Session- 10/11, Hot Hula and Zumba @ WQ- 10/18


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