Brooklyn College is sober as a judge reported in the Daily News and from the Princeton Review

Brooklyn College is sober as a judge. The Flatbush Ave. CUNY school came in 7th on the Princeton Review’s national list of 377 colleges for being a top “stone cold sober” campus. According to the survey, Brooklyn College also ranked 5th lowest in beer consumption; 4th lowest in liquor consumption and 12th lowest in reefer consumption. “Our campus is comprised of a student body that is very focused and here to earn a degree.” said college spokesman Jeremy Thompson. “I don’t want to see people walking around stoned out of their mind or drunk,” said Dienane Fleurvialm 25.
Excerpts from the Daily News Tuesday 08/21/2012 • by NATALIE MUSUMECI and MARK MORALES Our blog would add there are events if you make the effort to look. There are close to a hundred of events weekly at the Student Center, Whitman Theater, Library Auditorium and elsewhere. Special ones highlighted are on our blog.


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