Celebrity News: Bruce Springstein, Paul McCartney, Ringo

An organizer of The Williamsburg Film Festival and a fan at the Styx/Foreigner/Todo concert told On Campus that Bruce Springstein appeared in London’s Hyde Park a month ago. Sir Paul McCartney came on at the end of the show. He only did a few songs and the show ended abruptly due to the curfew. This caused a major back lash in London.
The Telegraph on July 18th said “On Saturday, Springsteen’s concert exceeded the curfew for gigs at Hyde Park and power was turned off by festival organizers. During the encore, the musician had brought Paul McCartney up onto the stage. The two performed versions of I Saw Her Standing There and Twist and Shout together, but had their microphones switched off before they were able to finish…
At one point a man dressed as a police officer came on stage and tried to arrest the singer.” (This is unclear if it was in his Dublin gig afterwards).
The Western Mail on July 16, 2012 Said they were a half hour over the limit. “Licences are granted until certain times” – in this case 10.30pm – “to protect residents in the area from noise late at night.” They talk of flexibility for a world famous moment.
At the Gloria Gaynor or Squeeze concert a VIP told On Campus he knew Paul McCartney’s new wife from being in the same sports club in Long Island.
I have usually been criticized for very easy reviews. Recently there was one complaint I was too hard on Ringo. Our review would not hurt his career and put him in the poor house with hundreds of millions. I was saving people money. A review after mine from the Morning Call (Allentown, Pennsylvania) on June 29, 2012 echoed many of my points. It was titled Ringo gets by with a little help from friends at the State. “The biggest complaint about Ringo, though, was his choice of material. Todd Rundgren, whose voice was ragged. Unfortunately, Toto’s best song, “Africa,” didn’t reach those heights. Lukather’s voice wasn’t up to it. Ringo connected best with the hits. “Yellow Submarine” had the crowd clapping, waving and shouting along.” They also criticized the song selection and voices off. They said Ringo was affable and delightfully free of pretense.


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