Last of the Aquarium

In response to the e-mails. Many clubs will be there like On Campus and ERIS. Friday has a 20% chance of rain which seems the best we may get so we are going to the Aquarium 2:30pm by the box office line. 3pm they open. There will be crowds. Last week 25 were going. Sorry to repeat what I’ve been asked a lot. At 30% is iffy “weather” to call it off. We should all try to wear light blue tops or Brooklyn College shirts/logos to identify ourselves. You will save $20 Friday, they suggest $5 donations but it is your choice.
Best photos will be posted on the blog. Photo tips down the scroll a week.
This is not an official BC event but individuals. Bring as many as you like. We will probably get scattered so we will try to meet an hour and half after it opens in the café 4:30pm. Some may go to Totonno’s Pizza afterwards which is world famous but expensive. They only sell pies of 8 slices $21. See updates on the blog. Possibly sun lotion…and an umbrella. Map and events on and Coney Island rides, boardwalk, beach on


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