Aquarium trip may be under water and stormy weather, photo tips, thunderstorms preparation and safety

We have 25 people planning to go to the aquarium and 118 viewers in the last 2 days. Friday will have a 40% chance of rain with afternoon scattered thunder storms. We’ll wait till Friday at 12 to call it off if the forecast does not change. Half the exhibits are outdoors. See map at If cancelled it will be rescheduled on a Friday. Friday in a week, has a 60% chance of rain. It may be raining cats and poodles. The forecast in Mexico may be chili today and hot tamale. The forecast may be snow followed by boys in sleds.
In reply to many questions asked: bring as many friends as you like. They do not have to be BC students. Admission is free, they suggest a $5 donation but that is up to each individual. Dress for the weather, sun or rain. We are allowed in at 3pm but there will be crowds so we were advised to get there 2:30pm.

Photo tips: To avoid glare take your flash off, shoot at a wide angle or take any adapter off and if no angle, press lens to the glass. To avoid blur in general, exhale as you press the shutter button and have the camera on a flat surface, tripod, monopod, umbrella or lock your elbows to your body or to a wall.
If you are ever in a hot building like the bird house in Central Park Zoo, keep your camera in a bag for 20 minutes. Sports Illustrated/Olympics photographer Joe Dimaggio told me it lets the camera adjust without getting water in it from humidity in it. Carry a special wipe for the lens.

When Thunderstorms Are Likely:
If you find yourself outdoors or in an area where thunderstorms are in the forecast or about to happen, follow these precautions: Postpone outdoor activities, and go indoors if you’re outside.
Go indoors if you’re outside, preferably inside a home or building. Hard top cars offer shelter as well, but avoid convertibles. Although you may be injured if lightning strikes your car, you are much safer inside it than outside.
Remember the “30-30” rule: After seeing lightning outside, go indoors if you cannot count to 30 before hearing thunder. Stay inside for 30 minutes after hearing the last clap of thunder. Remove dead or rotting trees and branches that could fall or be blown around and cause injury or damage during a thunderstorm. (from
If near lighting touch rubber like a car tire. It is an insulator, generally speaking metals are conductors.


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