Ringo and Beatles trivia

Many viewers clicked on the Ringo is a Stinko article so here is some Beatle trivia and little known history. Paul Mcartney in 1968 said
“I am alive and well and unconcerned about the rumors of my death. But if I were dead, I would be the last to know”. The mop-top caricatures were of John the thinker, Paul the romantic, George the mystic and Ringo the clown. Ringo is not his real name but got it because of the rings he wore. Starr generally sang at least one song on each studio album.
In 1960 Ringo met he Beatles when performing in Hamburg. Ringo replaced Gorge Best as drummer of the Beatles and Best’s fans were upset at his sacking, holding vigils outside Best’s house and fighting at the Cavern club, shouting ‘Pete forever! Ringo never! George Harrison received a black eye from one of the fans.
Ringo was rated fifth on Rolling Stone’s list of best drummers of all time. Ringo hit good and hard and used the tom-tom well, even though he couldn’t do a roll to save his life”, although manager George Martin later added, “He’s got tremendous feel. John Lennon, when asked if Starr was the best drummer in the world, jokingly replied, “He’s not even the best drummer in the Beatles. Starr is considered to have influenced various modern drumming techniques, such as the matched grip, placing the drums on high risers for visibility as part of the band, tuning the drums lower, and using muffling devices on tonal rings. Starr commented that he was lucky in being “surrounded by three frustrated drummers” who could only drum in one style. Ringo sang on one song per album.
His record company wound up failing because Ringo didn’t like the “going to meetings” aspect of things, saying “you’d usually have meetings to decide about the next meeting”.
Getting to Jones Beach Odyssey:
I have been to 83 cities and towns and had trouble going to Long Island. There were rain storms in the forecast. The concert was at 8pm. To find out if it was cancelled I called the Nassau Bus Company or N.I.C.E. if they were still running buses to the concert because it may be cancelled due to the weather. They were closed after 5pm. I asked the LIRR box office which did not know. They have a package for the concert with the bus. They said it is not in the computer so they can’t do it till a day after the concert, huh?. I buy a ticket and the person tells me it leaves in 40 minutes making me late. Fortunately I ask some else and they say that is the direct train and I can transfer at Jamaica Station. I get into Freeport to catch the bus to the concert that I called up prior and was told buses ran till 8pm. It appears they stopped 7:35pm. I take a $20 cab. Later on someone told me there might have been another bus. The Ringo ticket was $40 and no surcharge from Live Nation. Tickets were lowered to $35 the last day. Outside the theater were people trying to get free tickets and with their chairs outside because you could hear the concert from there. Parking is about $10.


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