President Gould looks to helps the college clubs

Forty clubs sent a petition to President Gould about ways to increase exposure to the clubs. Senior Director Jeremy Thompson of the Communications Office wrote on behalf of President Gould and Vice President Morales. He said “I encourage you and other students to take advantage of the college’s brand new events calendar . The calendar is intended to provide a comprehensive list of all upcoming events. By the time the fall semester begins, anyone with a Brooklyn College email address will be eligible to post an event through a simple online submission form. As long as an event meets the criteria the college has established, it will be posted to the events calendar.
The new calendar provides a tremendous opportunity for student organizations to publicize their events to the entire campus community. Plus, in addition to being visible on the website, all events listed on the calendar will be considered for inclusion in the weekly e-newsletter, which is sent to all students, faculty, and staff. With one click, events listed on the calendar may also be shared via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, and other services, making it easy to promote events through your social networks. I hope you and your fellow students will make good use of this new resource.”


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