Ringo Starr Concert Was A Stinko That Did Not Star

Photographer Larry Derubeis the second and third photo, others by B. (Bruce) Crane Photographer Larry Deruby
Puns with the song titles.
Hello It’s Me. Ringo sings, Oh my my, help, I need some ear plugs.
He doesn’t live in a shoe but a yellow submarine, yellow submarine.
P.S. I love you. Getting to Long Island was a long winding road. The act needed a little help from his friends and seemed it got it from his enemies.

At Jones Beach Amphitheater on June 22nd Ringo Starr one of the fab four Beatles appeared. With him were his All Starr Band spelled with his last name’s spelling. The Beatles in the 1960’s had 17 singles top the charts. Ringo wore black, sunglasses and sneakers. He spoke to all sides of the audience asking for requests and had a sing-along for Yellow Submarine and other songs.
Photograph was one of his best done numbers. On 29 November 2002 (the first anniversary of George Harrison’s death), Starr performed “Photograph” and in the Royal Albert Hall, London. Ringo Starr caught everyone with a tear in their eye with a rendition of ‘Photograph’, a composition he wrote with George, which seemed to sum up how everyone felt.” The song includes the lines,
“Every time I see your face / it reminds me of the places we used to go / But all I’ve got is a photograph / and I realise you’re not coming back any more”.
If you sat in the nose bleed section of cheap seats it didn’t matter. Most performers in concerts are stationary and the sound is good everywhere. There were jumbo screens with closeups and fade and dissolves of cuts. Ringo is not a great dancer but had an infectious sway, bounce, jump and clapping to the music as his head bopped up and down.
It was not a great concert due to voices and choices. Each musician was from another band and they played their group’s top songs. The problem is their vocal range was not appropriate for those songs. They were made for the lead singer in the band. The ancient rockers could not hit the high notes. Todd Rundgren was a big disappointment with his top song Hello It’ Me. Black Magic Woman was also underwhelming by Gregg Rolie as was It doesn’t rain in Africa. Appropriately Ringo skipped singing Your Sixteen when he’s 71.

Food was not that pricey considering Long Island and much cheaper than Yankee Stadium and other venues. Many brought their own. It is an older amphitheater and could use a digital display for the lyrics. The stage background wall had a big star or butterfly with the lighting changing colors. It was a patterned prism or kaleidoscope effect matching the moods of the songs. There was a pin wheel effect.
The ending was good with Act Naturally and With A Little Help From My Friends. Tickets went as cheap as $35 and still a quarter of the theater was unsold.
The Twelfth All-Starr Band included: Ringo Starr – drums, keyboards, vocals, Steve Lukather (Toto) – guitar, vocals, (NG)Gregg Rolie (Santana) and (Journey) – keyboards, vocals, Todd Rundgren (Nazz, Utopia and The New Cars) – guitar, percussion, vocals, Richard Page (Mr. Mister) – bass, guitar, vocals, Mark Rivera – saxophone, percussion, vocals, Gregg Bissonette – drums, vocals.

Photographer Larry Derube

Photographed by Larry Derubeis

A great spot for a cool ocean breeze on a hot night


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