Sheepshead Bay High, Good Bye

By B. (Bruce) Crane

(The below story we found corrections.  At Sheepshead Bay High School several in the school told us was to be a charter school as did Wikipedia. It never happened. It was close and may still happen.)
The Department of Education cited low graduation rates for special education and low-income students at Sheepshead Bay High School. There was talk for years of closing it after 50 years. They just did to make it a charter school. BC professor Joseph Pietanza also teaches there and invited me to the party. The Pakistan Club Party was on Friday June 8th and the closing event of the school. SBHS opened 50 years ago in 1962. The only addition in decades was a math corridor and they have a football team finally after decades. The building looks clinical or industrial but looks in good shape. The new name will be the Academy of Career Exploration of Sheepshead Bay.
Their is a sports hall of fame with a a few famous alumni. A famous alumni in entertainment is Larry David known for the Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm tv show and a producer, writer and comedian graduated 1965. Other famous alumni are major league Boston Red Sox baseball player Rico Petrocelli 1961. Actreress Donna Pescow 1972 and appeared in Saturday Night Fever and starred on her own television show Angie. Other famous alumni are Comedian Elayne Boosler 1969, major league baseball player Frank Brooks, Radio talk-show host Terry Gross 1968, Composer/Conductor, author of “What Makes Music Jewish?” Michael Isaacson 1963, Comedian and lawyer Joey Novick 1972, Stand-up comedian/actor/writer/voice artist Fred Stoller, Rapper Masta Ace, Cast member of Bad Girls Club season Tanisha Thomas class of 2004. Professor Pietanza with special effects

Professor Pietanza with special effects

3 responses to “Sheepshead Bay High, Good Bye

  1. i m missing my school days in sheepshead bay high school

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