Jimmy Cliff Concert and computer experts help this blog

There was a big crowd at Prospect Park and you could not get close. Many BC ers were there swaying to the music. Many areas needed aisles making it hard to walk and not enough lighting for not stepping on someone. It was well policed. The line to get in had a person with a big sign on a stick saying end of line. New Yorkers get on lines with out realizing it is the wrong line. It could be for the bathroom.

We put photos in a folder in a camera and they can not be retrieved. We have contacted Cannon. A J@R salesmen says most are not retrievable except San Disk SD cards which will retrieve it for a fee. A photo professor said it cost a few hundred dollars to retrieve data from a computer hard drive. Always back it up. If you know any other companies or ways to retrieve it let us know and we will inform all. RobinQhood (at) Yahoo.com


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