News Briefs: Student Protest, Provost cleared of bias allegations. The solution is resolution? Our viewership soars.

Barbara Streisand will appear at the Barclay Center in October. That is downtown Brooklyn were the NBA basketball Nets will play at. The tickets were on sale from $540 to $740 a few weeks ago. $105 tickets were recently sold out in 30 minutes, the computers and phone lines were jammed. She attended Erasmus High School at Flatbush and Church Avenues with Neil Diamond. She sang as a teenager at a club at Nostrand and Foster Ave. Dolly Parton sold out in Europe in an hour. Other famous alumni are Bobby Fisher and Mae West.
May 2nd there was a student protest and a main part of it was about tuition raises. Two students were arrested and a peace officer went to a hospital. One student alleged to have violated the law was not a BC student. Students may have to drop out for lack of tuition money may never have a chance again to go to college and their jobs and life will be changed. SEEK may be eliminated and the eligibility requirements are rising. That does not justify breaking laws if that was the case. On Campus has interviewed students and peace officers at the protest. There was no confirmation that the peace officers were kicking. Ghandi and Martin Luther King were effective with non-violence. Both got laws changed. The Student Union that did the protest says President Gould would not meet with them. The president says their letters never asked to meet. President Gould’s letter to all students and the State of the College Address ( of her commitment to help those that can not afford tuition and she is against the increase.
According to the student’s blog it now shows letters President Gould has written them since the protest. For wars to end a truce, surrender or a treaty have to be negotiated. If there was not official surrender there would be snipers for a long time. World War 2 ended and a Japanese soldier was never told. He was in a jungle area for years and would not surrender. He did not believe the war ended. Finally they sent his wife with a mega phone to tell him. The solution is resolution. Talking almost always helps and one realizes the other side is not a monster but a human.
Provost Tramontano cleared of bias allegations on hiring orthodox Jewish woman. It was reported in the NY Post, Newsday, Jewish Telegraphic Agency and Chronicle of Higher Education. NY1 reported “The City University of New York cleared Brooklyn College of charges it discriminated against four Orthodox Jewish professors by denying them promotions. A spokesman for CUNY says their investigation found that in each case, the decisions were based on a good faith application of academic judgment or employment procedures unrelated to any prejudice or bias. Still, State Assemblyman Dov Hikind (Brooklyn) wants State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to do an independent investigation into the matter.
From May 12 to May 22 On Campus had 3 days of 90 plus viewers, one was 103. That is about 35,00 viewers a year pace. Also we had one day during finals when we had a day of one viewer. I hope we helped you on your final.


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