Read commencement tips and let’s commence

Enjoy the relief that finals are over and you climbed to the top of the mountain achieving a goal striving for years to attain. Many dropped out and came back or changed majors and could never see the end in sight. Enjoy the joy of parents watching their child getting the diploma and yelling “Oh my daughter” or “Oh my son”.
To meet family or friends have an area for them to meet you like the front of the library, lily pond or Ingersol steps is the least crowded. Crowded is Boylan steps and Bedford Avenue. In the past graduates in the ceremony sit with their major and anyone in it you want to sit next to you meet as you line up. In many majors there are parties. It is individual and some may not have one due to their budget or other reasons. You have to find out ahead of time. The fun is taking photos with friends after the ceremony. A great pose is the one On Campus got last year and listed on the top button under photos. Students jump in the air, throw their hands, swing their hands and legs, show motion and emotion. The college symbol the library is in the background. There is a vanishing point and a life cycle of three generations. There is a child looking at a shadow. charge you camera and phone. Take extra batteries or camera cards. You may need a hat and other apparel for the sun. The event is Webcast on the BCNN or lobby monitors and on computers at on Real Player. it is usually filmed by the BC TV club. You can buy a video and the yearbook is on CD sold in the Student Center third floor. See you at your 50th anniversary.


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