News Briefs: Finals, PRESSURE

James Hall new entrances opening very soon open to the West Quad. The computer rooms are full of students studying. My mom would be proud. There are longer hours. In the Library Café’s one of the 4 bathrooms a lock has been broken for days. Very hot conditions, fans have been added. If you do a teacher evaluation you get your mark faster.
Studying Tips: After studying the work for the final skip through the items you know and concentrate on the harder ones. Studying to music or back ground noise never has been proven to help and get full concentration. Many that crammed long hours fell asleep on the test. A good night’s sleep clear’s your head of the non important items and you may remember better what you studied right before going out. When ever hyper ventilating or out of breath hold your breath in for 8 seconds, hold for 8 and release for 8. Do that twice.


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