Student Government Elections Issues

This useful information was sent to students by VP Morales. On the e-mail you can click on the links. It may be on your BC mail if you did not designate another one. Special this election is the Participatory Budgeting Referendum. Many elections have been won by 1% so your vote counts. In many countries they fight to get the write to vote. This Spring 2012 Student Government elections are scheduled from Monday April 23 to Wednesday April 25. See our article a few articles down the scroll. CLAS, Referendum, SGS & GSO elections will once again be held on the BC Web Portal and will be accessible 24 hours until the end time indicated below. CLAS & Referendum – Begins 9am April 23 to 5pm April 25, SGS – Begins 5pm April 23 to 9pm April 25, GSO – Begins 5pm April 23 to 9pm April 25
Overview: Student Government exists for all three academic divisions of the College: CLAS, College of Liberal Art and Sciences; SGS, School of General Studies; and GSO, Graduate Students Organization. These governmental agencies represent student interests in reviewing, developing, or modifying college policies. They poll members, report their opinions, and represent them on issues that concern them.
Each Brooklyn College student is a member of one of these organizations, which are funded by part of the consolidated fee students pay each time they enroll. Elections are held annually; any matriculated student may seek office. Meetings of the organizations are open to all students. These organizations also sponsor and give funds to associations of students for their yearly activities. The Student Government is divided into three branches: Executive (President and Vice President), Legislative (29 reps) and Judiciary (3 judges). It also has two political parties: Progressive Hatikvah Downtown (PHD) and United Students League (USL). Each party differs in opinions on various issues.
Please click on the links below to learn about the principles and laws that determine the powers and duties of Student Government. All files are in pdf format.
• Bylaws
• Constitution of The Brooklyn College Graduate Student Organization
• Constitution of The Brooklyn College CLAS Student Government
• College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Student Government Election Act
• Brooklyn College Graduate Students’ Organization Election Act
• Election Bill Data, Procedures, and Rules in Reference to:
The SGS Student Government Elections – Spring 2004
• New Rules of Assembly
CLAS Student Government, Fax: 718.951.4315, Email:
Participatory Budgeting:
According to the press release, through this new initiative, students will come together in two town hall meetings to discuss their needs and priorities. Every student should, and now will, have the power to submit their ideas for projects and to improve their experience at Brooklyn College. The student government is designating funds to be used for these proposals targeted towards the Brooklyn College student body at large and not just specific students or specific groups of students.
Participatory budgeting originated in Brazil and has proven successful in thousands of cities around the world in the past several years. Brooklyn College will be the 1st College to attempt this in the U.S.
For more information take a look at the BC Student Government Press Release:
• Press release (PDF)
• Budget Flyer (PDF)
Town Hall Meetings Held:
Tuesday, March 6th -12:15 pm, Gold Room Student Center
Wednesday, March 7th – 6:00 pm, Gold Room Student Center
Participatory Budgeting At Brooklyn College – Project Proposal Form
Now you have the opportunity to tell us what you would do with $25,000. Click the link below to submit a proposal. Deadline for submission is March 29th
• Project Proposal Form ( Web )
• Project Proposal Form (MSWord)
• Proposal Criteria (PDF)
For more information, email:
The Policy Council
According the Brooklyn College Faculty Handbook, “the Policy Council may make recommendations to the president in all areas of operation of the College, serves as a forum for discussing issues of College concern, and may submit recommendations for action to other College governance bodies.”
Bylaws of Brooklyn College Policy Council

Brooklyn College Governance Plan: Article I. The Policy Council


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