My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish and I’m in Therapy and the audience was in nonstop laughter. (Double the guilt and double the Prozac)

My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish and I’m in Therapy and the audience was in nonstop laughter

By Joan Theresa Thomas and B. Crane (A joint venture with the Kingsman.)

On Palm Sunday April 1st at 2pm, “My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish and I’m in Therapy” was presented at the Whitman Theater to an audience of over a thousand. This one-man comedy show was written and performed by Steve Solomon.
Solomon’s repertory included ethnic humor, jokes about relationships, and about nagging and guilt. Sexual and bathroom jokes were a main theme and were occasionally quite graphic. There was a pace created with all short stories. The audience appreciated it and to the smaller laughs he sometimes got, he said they would get it tomorrow. The jokes often had double meanings.
He changed ethnic accents quickly and seamlessly in doing impressions. He often spoke with his hands. The audience had many Jewish senior citizens. Many related to it being in the same age group.
Solomon is multi-talented and played many characters. He did monologues and did telephone bits. His performance lived up to the awards it got Off-Broadway. Korean Veteran Jerry Forman saw him Off-Broadway and agreed and said he didn’t fall asleep. Alumni Michelle Rosen was in the audience and is running for US presidency. Her platform is to push the global truce and global cease fire treaty proposal.
Solomon puts jokes together in combinations. An example is he called his wife “Sweetie”, “Dear” and “Love” because he forgot her name. “Two years after his divorce his ex, he now affectionately calls her plaintiff. Originally she said to buy her something that goes 6 to 160 in 6 seconds. He bought her a scale. He said it is amazing how long a hand print stays on your face.
Solomon masterfully told gossips and neighbors jokes. He was told if a kosher utensil touches a non-kosher utensil it has to be buried. At 2am Solomon in the rain with hat and coat on he goes to his backyard to bury it. The over-reacting neighbor is heard watching and sighing. Solomon days later has to bury another item and again at 2am. The neighbor is heard saying “I can’t take this anymore.” Days later he finds out he buried something he should not. At 2 am again he starts digging it up. He hears “Freeze right there” said by the police. They ask him why he has a big black bag of sterling silverware. Solomon explains that for some reason a chicken and egg together is not kosher but an egg and cheese is.
Some of his memorable lines were: Every time he puts his tea down in a senior citizen home someone puts teeth in it. He asked a smoker why they do it. They said between many coughs and wheezes, that it is because they enjoy it.
Steve Solomon is from Sheepshead Bay. When asked where he most likes to perform, he says “Brooklyn, my home. The reason is that they get it.” In the audience Mireiweille Lodsi and Estee Altman said they got it. Altman was a premed alumnus of BC. She said “Brooklyn College was the greatest in the world.”


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