Events that will make history

All events are in the Student Center unless indicated. Anyone can write an article for us. First check with us on the guide lines. RobinqHood (at) Unity Week 2012: The Power of Community Through Dialogue
Tuesdays: 12- 2:00 PM double check on the time (718) 951-5712 Jefferson-Williams Lounge – 4th Floor, Hurt Beyond Words” presented by the LEVO Foundation – an interactive presentation on the affects of bullying; this workshop will give participants the tools needed to address bullying in their respective communities. Confirm attendance at, Research Paper Formatting Tuesday, 6:30-7:45 PM Library Room 120 repeated Wednesday 3:40 PM Library Room 038, Last Minute Research Clinic 1-2PM Library Room 148,
Wednesday: Where Hiring is Happening in the Federal Govt, 1309 James Hall, Miss Haiti 6-10pm basement, Women! What’s the Value of Your Education? (for Women Only)5PM, 227 Ingersoll Hall Extension – Women’s Center RSVP:, Thursdays: Pasta Party, TV Club 4-6pm Maroon Room Unity %;30pm Maroon Room , Healthy Heart/Healthy You! Maroney-Leddy Room – 4th Floor, Stated Meeting of the Faculty and State of the College Address 12:15 PM, Campus Conversations Aviary Lounge – 4th Floor, Brooklyn Dodgers Memorabilia with Ron Schweiger Library Auditorium check on time with librarian.


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