Bias case interviews

If there is discrimination at BC that is very serious. An unwanted work climate and holding up a job promotion changes a life. For some to come forward and claim it takes courage and should not be done lightly because a false accusation also changes a life. The Jewish Daily Forward on April 5 said “Some 50 professors signed onto an April 4 statement expressing “outrage” over allegations being leveled against Provost William Tramontano. “Those of us who are signatories to this letter have worked closely with the provost since his arrival at Brooklyn four years ago. … Our experiences with him run counter to the accusations that have been made,” they said in their statement.
Signatories to the statement include more than 20 department chairs, including the chair of the Judaic Studies department. No members of the business program signed the faculty members’ statement. The faculty members’ statement disputed some of the specific allegations that had been raised in the New York Post article and said that charges of discrimination were “without merit.”
The statement also said that the college’s president, Karen Gould, has ultimate discretion over promotion. On Campus Magazine has asked Provost William Tramontane for a comment.” Yeshiva World News with Jake Stern on April 4th interviewed BC Senior Director of Communications Jeremy Thompson. It is on YouTube. Link
Yeshiva World also interviewed Business Department Chairperson Hershey Friedman who had another view to it. In the interview Business Chairperson Freidmen does not accuse but says there is a pattern of anti-Semitism. He says if the provost thought they were jokes then they were ethnically insensitive remarks. Before they can interview they have to get the OK from the Diversity Department. They look at how many Psych, Soc, Poly Sci and other backgrounds in the department. The department needs more PHD’s in the department. Business Department Miriam Gerstein was rated well above others and passed. The Provost said we have one Miriam. An Appointment Committee does the search. A lot of time is spent and Friedman said the provost doesn’t sit down and talk to them just sends an e-mail. Three times a provost negated a search. It did not happen in other departments. The provost said we teach ethics, we don’t practice it. Friedman feels he retaliated to a member of the search committee.


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