TV camera crews came to BC about Anti-Semitic allegations

Channel 7’s Tim Fleischer

Today at 5pm Channel 7 and 12 were at BC about the NY Post article about job discrimination for promotion from Jewish and specifically Orthodox and female professors at Brooklyn College. On Campus was told 15 professors went to Assemblyman Dov Hikind, it is unclear if they were from the same department.
Channel 7 television and online’s Tim Fleischer 5:30pm broadcast said Provost William Tramontano has denied Orthodox professors promotions and blocked the hiring of Jewish women. Hikind called for an independent investigation. But college spokesman Jeremy Thompson said the allegations are based on erroneous information. He said each hiring and promotion decision was made individually, “for rational and appropriate reasons.”
He also said there was no merit to suggestions that an anti-Semitic atmosphere existed at the school.
At the Faculty Council meeting at 3:15pm President Gould said everything was above board and considered by the proper committee. An ex chairperson told On Campus that hiring procedure starts in committees. Professors in the Business Department primarily, had bids for appointment, promotion and well recommended according to the NY Post say they were passed on promotion unfairly. Tim Fleischer was at the Bedford gate near the Channel 7 van for hours and very cordial and friendly to students asking him about the story. He said every semester his channel has several BC interns and they work out alright. In good news at the Faculty Policy Council meeting President Gould said she had raised money for some students that would not be able to pay the increased tuition. There was no resolution to do anything on the pathways at this point. For full coverage check out the Excelsior and Kingsman Newspapers and any more media stories adding to this please send in. Channel 7 and the NY Post are online.

Channel 12


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